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Party service


Lets have fun!

How often have You postponed the party as had no time for preparation before and cleaning after? Or even how often during the guests coming you thought how you will clean after? We have good solution for our clients! Now You can enjoy the party - about everything else we will take care!

  dancer Theme Party
    We offer:
  • Before and after party cleaning
    You will have more time to think about the better ideas for the party, or just will relax before crazy night!
  • Table and chair supply
    We sure that You faced this problem - so many guests, but there are not enough chairs to sit! We help you with everything You need!
    Do you have any questions?
  • We come with all supplies for cleaning
  • You can trust our maids
    We have many regular customers, as they know - we respect your private space, we always put the things on its place, and never take anything from yoyr belongings
  • If we provide you with tables or chairs - You can be sure - they are new and good quality.
  As we take care of house hold, you have time to think better about the party! When organising birthday or any other party, why dont You ask your guests to take special costumes. Have even more fun with theme parties - for example, make a hawaiin party - Sharm el Sheikd weather is perfect for that!